Best weekend trip to Charleston

Charleston is the most delightful tourist destination in America. It has a great foodie culture, and incredible shopping places to enjoy your days. Charleston is where there’s a touch of beauty and appeal. So book your United Airlines tickets for a perfect weekend trip to Charleston!

While there are a number of places to visit in this town, we have mentioned below a few of the must-visit places:

Charleston Museum

The Charleston Museum, also known as America’s First Museum. Before the gallery, you will see a reproduction of the Hunley, the civil war submarine that was rediscovered in 1995. There are many world-known displays here including the ancient rarities from old Charleston families.

City Market

Charleston’s City Market is saturated with history. The place that once sold meat, vegetables, and fish currently sell trinkets and charms to take back as a memory of the place. Here, you can also take the Culinary Tours of Charleston, for example, the Charleston Chefs’ Guided Kitchen Tour. This tour will make you familiar with the background of the top cafés in the city.

Middleton Place

The terraced gardens were known all through the nation during the 1800s are equally popular today. While there, you may even get a gator sunbathing in the nurseries. Middleton Place is a fine park cum farm here. The popular film ‘The Patriot’ was recorded here.

Local people, as well as the visitor, often visit Charleston Farmer’s Market. Roti Rolls and Tasty Brunch Catering are worth trying here. Remember to look at the entire length of the market road, where local farmers from the islands bring their items of food and other local art substances.

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