Finest Shopping Malls of Usa!

The United States of America, as we all know, is one of the ultra-modern countries of the world. The country has a large number of urban areas, downtowns, and extensive shopping places. The malls and shopping centers of the US are renowned and known throughout the world. People from around the world visit here solely for shopping purposes. So hurry and book your United Airlines tickets now at the United Airlines Official Site!

Following are some top-ranked malls of the United States:

Mall of America, Minnesota

The mighty Mall of America is located in Minnesota and is the largest in the country. It has more than 500 stores and over 60 eateries including cafes, fine-dine restaurants, etc. The mall has a dedicated space for games for children. It has various stores of international brands such as Burberry, Chanel, etc. The mall has some of the great American brands like American Girl and Lego Emporium.

Aventura Mall, Florida

It is known as the greatest shopping center in the entire state of Florida. The Miami mall houses over 300 brilliant stores and multiple retail chains. The shopping center pulls in around 30 million people throughout the year. Aventura Mall guarantees a great shopping experience for the visitors. Some of the renowned brands here include Chanel, Fendi, Tiffany, etc.

Millcreek Mall, Erie, Pennsylvania

It is one of the oldest malls in America, which was established back in 1975. The mall has seen various developments throughout these years and now contains over 200 wonderful stores, retail chains, brilliant restaurants, etc.

Grove Mall, California

The iconic mall is located in Los Angeles. Explore the mall in the Grove Trolley which is a free electric streetcar service provided by the mall itself. The shopping center is bliss to explore. It houses some of the finest and top-quality stores. You may witness some Hollywood celebrities or American TV stars strolling around.

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