Make A Quick Plan To Visit The Para State In Brazil

Para is a famous state of Brazil, situated in the north region of the country. The state is famous for wonderful places and interesting activities to do with your loved ones. The state is among the top favorite places of local and global tourists. Plan your next vacation here with your family and friends and visit the amazing places like Amazonia National Park, Amazon Rainforest, Amazon River, etc. Wander through the beautiful capital of the state, Belem. The capital city is famous for its colonial buildings and classical architecture. Visit here now by booking for you United Airlines Tickets now at the United Airlines official Site!

Here are some of the wonderful spots in the state that are worth visiting:

Complex Ver-O-Peso 

Explore Ver-o-peso, the famous market of the state, situated in the capital city of Belem. The remarkable market is located at the Guajara Bay. The market is one of the oldest in the country and is known for its rich past. Interact with the locals here and get to know about the astounding history of the region. The Ver-o-peso complex contains the renowned Acai Fair which is a free and open market where acai berry vendors sell the organic products.

Floresta Nacional do Tapajos 

Witness the mesmerizing natural life at the famous Floresta Nacional do Tapajos. Watch the great variety of birds here as well as astounding wildlife animals. Explore the forest area if you’re looking for some adventure. Click some memorable pictures here with your family and friends. Watch some of the biggest trees here. Explore around the region of great Santarem of Alter do Chao.

Wander through the famous three towns around here, Maguari Jamaraqua, and Sao Domingo. These towns are known for their beautiful timberland trails and dense rainforest. The region is filled with different varieties of trees and is just a few hours treks away from the stream.

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